Racing News:

5/25/08 - Jace started 2nd in the feature and made his way up to 1st in the first lap. He led 8 laps before he began to lose power. He finished the race in 6th place.

5/24/08 - Jace won his heat. He started second in the feature. During the pace laps, the car shut off due to low fuel pressure. His pit crew got it started and he went back out to start in last place. He made his way up to 5th place before having to pit due to fuel pressure problems again.

5/10/08 - 20-lap Pro Stock feature. Jace placed 13th in time trials with a time of 26:22. He placed 22nd in the feature after his car popped out of gear and he was unable to finish the race.

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Photo by Steve Williams


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